3 Marketing Tactics to Drive Conversion to Your B2B Ecommerce Business

Like every business and brand out there, your B2B ecommerce company can’t function without a marketing strategy.

Having a B2B marketing strategy is important in B2B industry because there are a lot of different tools you can use to attract new buyers, improve loyalty, and increase customer retention, as well as, optimize buying experience.

We’ve prepared 3 essential marketing tactics to help you constitute an adequate B2B ecommerce marketing strategy.

1.Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a key element of B2B ecommerce marketing strategy.

Online B2B purchasers are looking for long-term relationships and that makes an excellent start for loyalty programs.

Before approaching a customer with a specific loyalty program, it is important to access the buyer’s incentives. Some great tips to keep in mind:

  • Partnering with third party and resellers – You can create loyalty programs to increase brand awareness, build a strong distribution network, and have more customers.
  • Tier incentives – You can reward your loyal buyers as they increase the purchasing volumes and encourage them to go up to higher tiers.
  • Referral programs – You can give bonuses to buyers that bring new opportunities.
  1. B2B mCommerce

Did you know that mobile drives an average of more than 40% of revenue in B2B businesses? It is predicted that by 2020, the share of mobile traffic will take up to 70% of B2B search queries.

There are numerous benefits that mobile apps offer to both sellers and buyers and that is what makes them important for today’s B2B ecommerce.

In order to stay relevant, it is essential to start with mobile-friendly and modern ecommerce technology. You can test your mobile see to see if your online store or website is up to par with the rivals and plan your next mCommerce transformation.

3.B2B Brand Building

Brand reputation has played a crucial role in forming the buyer’s preference. Building a brand is important to attract, as well as, retain buyers via B2B ecommerce.

The success of your brand rests on the effectiveness of marketing activities such as building strong relationships, offline marketing, attending events, and more.

Some of the benefits of a powerful brand for eCommerce are:

  • A chance to obtain higher margins
  • Differentiates your online store/website among the competition
  • Helps convert occasional visitors into loyal customers
  • Gives media coverage, SEO, and PR

B2B marketing is one of the main drivers of your online business. Implement these strategies and you’ll be on your way to running a successful ecommerce store.

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